Glass Tiger return from their musical mission to Afghanistan

GT recently returned home from one tour they will never forget. The Toronto-based band was invited to visit Afghanistan by the Canadian military as part of a ‘Team Canada’ program that sees Canadian entertainers and former NHL hockey players provide a positive morale boost to the soldiers serving there. “Our mission was to lift the soldiers’ spirits for even a few brief moments, to show them Canada still cares, and to learn firsthand about what they are trying to accomplish in Afghanistan,” says Glass Tiger keyboardist Sam Reid.

Prior to their departure from Ottawa, the members of Glass Tiger met with General Walt Natynczyk, Chief of Defense Staff, who then accompanied the band throughout the trip. After their military flight to Afghanistan, the band visited several camps, touring the facilities, meeting not just the soldiers, but local children, the police force and Afghan military. They performed impromptu for soldiers serving literally on the front lines as well as at the main base, and presented a signed guitar to Brigadier General Jon Vance for ‘Canada House,’ the social meeting place for the troops.

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