Al Connelly

img_9924r8x10ppwatermarkaAl Connelly started his career as the Guitarist, Songwriter and one of the founding members of the 5x Canadian JUNO Award winning band, Glass Tiger. Al has enjoyed international success with their songs, reaching Top 10 American Billboard status, as well as a Grammy nod for ‘Best New Artist’ (1986) as well as charting around the world.

Glass Tiger toured with international music legends like Tina Turner in Europe, the ever popular Journey (with Steve Perry) in America , and Roxette throughout Europe and Canada, as well as, Rod Stewart, while managing to put out several albums; a Greatest Hits, and Live Album (1986 to currently)

Connelly has received song writing awards for his contribution to some of the bands better known songs like Someday (SOCAN Classic Songwriting Award, co-written by Al Connelly reaching #7 on the American Billboard Singles Chart) and contributions to other classics like ‘Don’t Forget Me When I’m Gone’,#2 on the Billboard Singles Charts, ( Bryan Adams adding some vocals) all from the band’s debut album, ‘The Thin Red Line’.


Glass Tiger had 12 video’s produced by various film director’s- one of which was with world renowned Irish band The Chieftains, in Dublin, Ireland.

The Canadian band’s music is still strong and heard on the international airwaves today and in 2009, Al joined his bandmates, with the honor of playing fort the Canadian Armed Forces, stationed in Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan.

One of the many recent GT Tours across Canada was with Swedish pop icons, Roxette, in 2012. This brought out a few new songs, on their currently released Greatest Hits Album, ‘Then Now Next ,with one of new songs being introduced by Al, entitled, Stand Up.’

Connelly has received Songwriting Awards for his contribution to some of the bands better known songs like Someday, and ‘My Town” feat Rod Stewart, (both SOCAN Classic Songwriting Award co-written with Al Connelly), as well as the heavy rock single,’Animal Heart.’


More recently Al débuted his CD “In Another Life“, featuring eloquent Flamenco and Nylon roots string instrumentals, as well as an introduction to Al’s vocal style and unique songwriting direction.


Followed by this, is a new project (in production), also released independently. and including more crafted Caribbean/Rock Reggae rooted material like‘ Belafonte Plays’. Alan forged his own individual sound in penning these tracks and is currently producing this collection of Rock , Roots Reggae compositions for his follow up A JaCon Project CD, ‘Still Life Beating Hearts’ which will include island ballad, ‘The Light’, ‘Promise Time ” and the Ska song,‘Let It Go.’

Song Preview https://www.reverbnation.com/alconnelly/playlist/-4

At a recent 2015, Toronto hosted, Arts & Culture Festival in Markham (Pan am Festivities) Alan performed an uplifting original song entitled, ‘I Am That Strong’.


Al wrote, arranged & produced an anthemic song ‘I Am That Strong’(We Stand Together) portraying the ‘spirit of the athletic world’, whether it be Olympic world class, or, local community Track and Field, …where it all begins, as an inspiration to young artists and athletes alike.

Connelly has acquired Studio Engineering Tech Diplomas in Toronto with years of professional recording, engineering and production experience, recently producing a Toronto a popular funk/ rock band, The Lipstick Junkies.


“Let It Go”


“In Another Life”