Chris McNeill

Chris McNeill has earned the kind of reputation and respect that all musicians aspire to. For the past 20 years he has been one of the most sought-out drummers in Toronto.
His sound, style and feel is distinctive and matched by few. Now the talent and musicianship that brought him to that level has crossed over into production.
As a drummer, he has performed and recorded with many of Canada’s chart topping artists including Amanda Marshall, Amy Sky, Alannah Miles, Barlow, Von Groove, Carole Pope, Snow, Randy Bachman, Platinum Blonde, Honeymoon Suite, and most notable Alan Frew and six time Juno Award winner Glass Tiger.
It was this relationship that paved the road for the exceptionally powerful productions that are now being pumped out of his studio. While playing with Glass Tiger and in Alan Frew’s solo band, Chris began introducing backing tracks produced in his studio, to help beef up the live shows and expand on the overall sound and style of the band. Alan was so impressed with this new direction that he approached Chris with a solo project.
Before long, the pair were co-writing and co-producing material for up and coming Canadian artists, including a new young starlet named Taylor Jordan.
As word spread of the new emerging producer, Chris began to take on more and more projects. Already renowned for his drumming, artists starting approaching him for drum tracks.  But being the perfectionist he is, he would also tweak their already laid guitars and vox and before long he was fully revamping and re-polishing their entire project.
This consistent delivery of  ground-breaking drum and keyboard programming and extraordinary sounding productions is now grabbing the attention of jingle houses, television shows and A&R execs. With a list of credentials that continue to grow and a line up of kick ass new artists on his reel, there is little doubt that Chris McNeill will soon be one of the most prominent and respected producers the music world has seen.
Scarlett, Taylor Jordan, Catherine Kaide, Zabeth D’Kos, Bryan Duffy, Cure Gravity, Barlow, MTV televsion
Black Velvet – Catherine, Kaide
Album Recordings:
Wonderland – Alan Frew (EMI), Cool Rain – Amy Sky (Iron Music), Burnt By The Sun – Amy Sky (Iron Music), Von Groove – Von Groove (Burnette), Barlow – Barlow (Sony), Transcend – Carole Pope, Rainmaker, Von Groove (Pelican)
Live 2006 – Glass Tiger (EMI), Cure Gravity-2008, Honeymoon Suite-Clifton Hill-2008
Plus corporate jingles for some of the largest companies in the world.
Sabian Cymbals, Monolith Drums