Wayne Parker

When not performing as the bassist in GT, Wayne spends much of his time pursuing his other passion – astronomy. His love of astronomy led to the creation of SkyShed Observatories, a observatory company that designs and builds telescope observatories for astronomers.

Since launching the company in 2003, Wayne’s SkyShed designs have become popular all over the world, and featured in international astronomy magazines and on TV. NASA even uses SkyShed products, and MIT, Harvard-Smithsonion, etc.

SkyShed has received many awards, including the Sky & Telescope magazine “Hot Product” award for 2005, and again in 2008 for is Wayne’s new invention SkyShed POD.

SkyShed is branching out around the world and are now shipping 100’s of the new SkyShed POD to many countries around the world.

For list of countries where SkyShed and SkyShed POD are available, or for more information about POD, visit the websites at www.skyshed.com and www.skyshedpod.com

Wayne also designs websites for fun and is the creator of both the SkyShed , POD, and Glass Tiger websites.

Wayne’s Note  – Since I have absolutely nowhere else on the site I could ever use it, here’s a little movie I threw together when I got bored updating this website. Yes, I’m not only the bass player, they roped me into being the webmaster. How? I’ll never know. Updating websites is boring, making Flash movies is fun! Turn on your sound. Refresh the Page to watch the movie below from the beginning. :O) May not work on all platforms…